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CAAL is grateful to the corporations, foundations, small businesses, and individuals who have provided grants and contributions in support of its work.


By Giving Level:

The McGraw-Hill Companies (cash and in-kind)

Dollar General Corporation

William & Flora Hewlett Foundation

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Ford Foundation

Verizon Foundation & Corporation

The Joyce Foundation

Lumina Foundation for Education

Wal-Mart Foundation

Nellie Mae Foundation

Annie Casey Foundation


Hosuehold International (HSBC)

Ostrodd Foundation

Edith C. Blum Foundation


[Small businesses who meet the following criteria are eligible to participate: their services and products are appropriate for adult education, ESL, and family literacy audiences...they are known by CAAL or its constituents to be reputable...and they want to embrace the adult education cause.  Individuals who value CAAL’s work may bring small business they know personally to CAAL's attention for follow-up. In exchange for a donation of $500, the sponsors’ name and website link are posted in the CAAL website for a one-year period, enabling them to reach a new national audience.  Both CAAL and the small business benefit, in the process generating greater awareness of adult education.] 

New York Theatre Ballet

Purple Scooter Poetry

(major donors by giving level)

Harold W. McGraw, Jr.
Gail Spangenberg
Mark Musick
Samuel Halperin


Listed in Descending Order By Highest Giving Level ($500 to $2,300)
Diana Byer, Meghan Frank, Paula Jarowski, James Parker, Margret Stasius, the late Genevieve E. Wood, Gene Sofer, Betsy Feist, Dan Block, Linda del Boccio, Bess Heitner, Nickie Askov, Cheryl Feldman, Erik Graf, Robert Wedgeworth

Listed Alphabetically (Up to $500)
Nana Adae, Edgar Aronson, Elsa Auerbach, Mary Babbitt, Morton Bahr, Michael Barteau, Joan Barteau, Forrest Chisman, Sherrie Clairborne, John Comings, Tom Coyne, JoAnn Crandall, George Demetrion, Gary Eyre, Sheran Fernando, Lynda Ginsburg, Daphne Greenberg, Ralph Grove, Beverly Gutman, Fae Hance, Sue Healey, Grace Hechinger, Joan Herold, Janet Issleris, Debra Jones, Paul Jurmo, Cheryl King, Diane Kirkland, Manyee Koo, Bridget Lamont, Dale Lipschultz, Elena Lister, Robyn & Loir Lorea, Marine Corp Heritage Foundation, Nancy McClure, Mary McLarnon, Natalie Millner, Orla O’Connor, Joy Peyton, Leila Plassey, Camille Preus, Charlotte Rowe, Teresa Rowe, Steve Rudney, Ruth Saenz,  Anthony Sarmiento, Elliot Schwartz, Jason Smith,  Andrew Sum, Yumiko and Hitoshi Togashi, Caroline Thomas, John Tibbetts, Yumiko Togashi, Shirley & Richard Varner, Susan Wallman, Francis Walsh,  Nicole Walter, Julie Wehmeyer, Katya Wieber, Arthur White, Jerry Wnuck



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